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Moving From Burnout to Bliss


Make Wellness Work For You

Why Your Wellness Matters

Working adults spend 1/3 of their lives in the workplace, so it’s important to create an environment that supports engagement by investing in their wellbeing.

Employee engagement increases productivity which reduces costs and increases revenue. Invest in your employees so they invest in making your company a success.

There are measurable benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program which include:

  • Lower company-wide employee healthcare costs

  • Reduced disability costs, lower healthcare premiums and fewer health insurance claims

  • Increased employee productivity, job satisfaction and morale

  • Reduced absenteeism, reduction in sick day leaves and lower employee turnover

  • Greater employee retention

  • Increased employee satisfaction and morale

  • Demonstrable competitive advantage

It’s no wonder leading employers have made the shift to commit to healthier and more productive employees.

Jordan Taylor Wellness offers comprehensive Corporate Wellness programs to allow organizations the ability to prioritize employee health, wellness, and increased productivity.


Meet Jordan

Jordan is a professional wellness coach who helps busy professionals go from burnout to bliss.

Jordan has spent almost 15 years in the corporate world before starting a wellness consulting practice. She is passionate about helping people realize their worth by making themselves a priority. She is certified in holistic health practices including reiki, health coaching, crisis intervention, and yoga. 


What Are the Benefits?

Choose What Fits You Best


Health Coaching

Benefits of Health Coaching Here

Essential Oils

Benefits of Essential Oils Here

Yoga & Meditation

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Benefits of Reiki Here

"Jordan is an incredibly thoughtful, emotionally intelligent person who’s empathic conclusions are the sorts of results we all strive to find on our own. Her devotion to the positive, willingness to laugh at the complications of the struggle and total devotion to getting to the other side as whole versions of ourselves is brave, vulnerable and full of courage."

Morgan L. Brooklyn, NY

"Jordan is not only a talented healer but a lovely person as well.  She is highly skilled in Reiki and other areas of wellness including Yoga and Nutrition.  I received a Reiki treatment from Jordan for my very sore back, and felt better immediately afterwards and the following day.  As a perk, her dog Rudy joined in our session!  Jordan glows with positivity and is very professional as well.  

If you are looking for spiritual, physical or emotionally healing, a relaxing experience or simply to learn more about wellness, I would highly recommend contacting Jordan."

Vivien T. Portsmouth, NH

"I had heard of Reiki before but never tried it until a few months ago when I asked Jordan if we could schedule a session. I walked into her studio feeling like I lacked direction. Very out of sorts and unbalanced. She put my mind at ease. After my Reiki session I felt lighter and more grounded, like I wasn't afraid to take the next step on my path because the roadblocks of fear that I had put in front of myself were gone. I enjoyed it so much that I scheduled another session a few months later. Jordan is a true professional!"

Jenn D. Exeter, NH


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