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Transform Pain to Purpose


The pain of your past is no longer your prison. It's time to break free and live a life you love.


Hello, magical moonbeams!

Hi, I'm Jordan

So happy you landed here. I am your Transformational Intuitive Mentor guiding you into your pure potential and waking you up to the magic of your being!

It's time to break free from old patterns and stories that create fear, lack and scarcity and move into a life of worthiness and abundance.

Alchemize what's no longer serving you and live a life of purpose, joy & freedom.

You are worthy of everything you desire. Let's transform the pain of your past into the purpose you were meant to walk in!

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Here to Guide You Into A Life of Purpose & Abundance


Private 1:1 Coaching

Intuitive Card Reading


"Jordan is an incredibly thoughtful, emotionally intelligent person who’s empathic conclusions are the sorts of results we all strive to find on our own. Her devotion to the positive, willingness to laugh at the complications of the struggle and total devotion to getting to the other side as whole versions of ourselves is brave, vulnerable and full of courage."

Brooklyn, NY

"I love Jordan's energy. She is real, raw and cares with her (heart) so much for all of us. I took one of Jordan's yoga classes this week and came away with such peace and feeling calmness."

-Online Yoga Student

"You guys seriously don't want to miss out on this opportunity. Just had my first 1:1 with Jordan and all I can say is magical! Beyond excited."

-Coaching Client

Virtual Clients

"I had heard of Reiki before but never tried it until a few months ago when I asked Jordan if we could schedule a session. I walked into her studio feeling like I lacked direction. Very out of sorts and unbalanced. She put my mind at ease. After my Reiki session I felt lighter and more grounded, like I wasn't afraid to take the next step on my path because the roadblocks of fear that I had put in front of myself were gone. I enjoyed it so much that I scheduled another session a few months later. Jordan is a true professional!"

Portsmouth, NH


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